Original Booking is the concept wherein the purchasers or Investors buy the property at much cheaper rate than those properties purchased in re-sale . The buyer’s have a choice to opt for “ construction linked plan “ wherein the payments go to the builder on basis of progress in construction and “ down payment plan” where in the purchaser gets discount at certain rate on lump-sum-payment at the beginning. In both the cases however, the purchaser always stands in the win-win situation. The builders generally give time schedule for completion of the project with penalty clause in case of delay and also generally ensure non escalation of the price at which the unit is originally booked.

One is placed in a win-win situation through original booking because there is appreciation in the cost of unit within a short span (sometimes ranging between 50-75% within 6 months to 1year ) Depending upon credibility of the builder and location of the project etc etc..

There are very good projects coming up from time to time and at present some of them , besides others which are sure to earn high premium are :
DLF, EMAAR, MGF etc to name a few .

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